David Israelow is based in New York City. He has spent time cooking in restaurants and pop-ups in the US, Japan and India. He recently completed a farming apprenticeship in the Hudson Valley. In 2018 he won the World Washoku Challenge, held in Tokyo. David is a graduate of the International Culinary Center and the Tokyo Sushi Academy.

Salmon & Trout is an intimate restaurant in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo. The proprietor, Shion Kakizaki, has relationships with fisherman and farmers. He himself travels annually to harvest indigenous fruits in remote areas in Japan. His focus on sourcing top notch ingredients is a focal point of the restaurant. Kouji Mikawa is utilizing these ingredients to create and express his menu. He has spent time working in famed Washoku restaurants in Tokyo and Hiroshima.


Kaz Egashira and Miki Ebina (originally from Kyoto and Osaka) moved to the deep mountain region of Kisawa, Tokushima together in April of 2017. The former Kisawa Village (now merged as part of Naka-town), located in the southeastern foothills of Mt. Tsurugi, is possibly some of the most secluded mountain habitats of old Japan. 

Due to the area’s remote geography—most automobile roads leading up to the high-altitude villages were built during the 1960s and 70s—the utterly self-sufficient livelihoods of the villages remained largely untainted amidst the rapid industrialization experienced all across 20th century Japan. Villagers still grow a wide variety of traditional heirloom vegetables and grains that go back hundreds if not thousands of years.

Miki and Kaz have been learning about the local lifestyles and agriculture, while renewing a closed-down kindergarten as a community hub. They are also hired by Naka-town as “regional energizers” of Kisawa. Together with David Israelow (visiting from New York City), Miki and Kaz will collaborate with local chefs, farmers, foragers and artisans to host a celebration for the opening of the new community hub.

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